◎ Full touch screen glass board panel
◎ Speech indication for all operation steps, English LCD screen,
◎ 8 electric appliance control,1 wireless siren, 1 wireless doorbell, built-in sound siren
◎ 2 Center Monitoring Station phone,6 alarm user phone, Contact ID CSM connection protocol.
◎ Support two-way communication, enable work with 8 dual-way wired keypad, 8 dual-way wireless keypad, 8 dual-way remote.
◎ Support GPRS protocol, network alarm settings.
◎ Built-in video module, can view video output on line.
◎ Wireless/wired zone status real time monitoring. Wireless detector status real time monitoring
◎ Tel-line off alarm and Neighbor phone transmit alarm.
◎ 4 group timing arm/disarm setting. Remotely arm, disarm, listen-in function.
◎ Arm/disarm status resume after power off, can choose arm/disarm message report to CMS freely.
◎ 64 event log and inquiry, 10s for recording.
◎ Alarm wireless linkage
◎ Wireless frequency: 433MHz/868MHz

Alarm System - 1

  • Product Code: ZT-III-C
  • Availability: 1